Jual Kembali

Jual Kembali

Buyback or repurchase by AYUGOLD, only applies to AYU brand products purchased through this WebSite Online.
  • Product Condition :

  1. Has never been repaired, added/ replaced by any other party than AYUGOLD

  2. Retains original shape and is not badly damaged.

  • How To Send : 

Pack the product safely and send it to:

Buyback Department -AYUGOLD INDONESIA
AyuGold Indonesia
Jl. Rungkut Industri I No.2, Kendangsari, Kec. Tenggilis Mejoyo 
Surabaya, 60134

  1. Include the complete Name, Address, Number of active Bank Account, Original Invoice

  2. Make sure to confirm with us by e-mail to buyback@ayugold.com or WA 082332092181 BEFORE sending.

Refund process:

Goods are received at AYUGOLD> Inspection for 3 working days> Buyback money transfer
through the bank up to 7 days after the goods are inspected.


  1. AYUGOLD has the full right to determine whether or not the product is returned.

  2. The value of jewelry Buy Back is calculated from the weight of the real gold of the item, multiplied by the item content minus 2% and the price of gold converted at that time. Example: yy gram x (75% -2%) x the price of gold

  3. We do not have buyback policy for custom made products.
  4. For products purchased during the promo period, a minimum buyback period of 3 months from purchase.

  5. AYUGOLD Not responsible for loss or all risks that occur during and during the shipment of goods.

  6. Buyback Terms & Conditions and Procedures are subject to change without prior notice.

  7. Buyback can also be done at conventional gold shops with the regulations and policies of each store.